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North American Raw Material:
• In color.
• Durable on automated equipment.
• Medium length whiskers.
• Can be produced whisker-free.
• Largest variety of specifications available.

Danish Raw Material:
• Premium product category.
• Snow white in color.
• Most durable on automated equipment.
• Short length whiskers.
• Can be produced whisker-free.

Other European Raw Material:
• Light in color.
• Durable on automated equipment.
•Medium length whiskers.
• Can be produced whisker-free.
• Certain countries offer very clear thin raw material.

Whisker- free:
• Smooth and transparent outer surface intended for fresh sausage production.
• Whisker removal process allows us to produce a completely whisker-free product that is still very durable on stuffing equipme.




• Each finished piece of casing is reeled onto a plastic tube.
• Tubed casings allow a sausage manufacture to quickly place the casing on the stuffing tube without having to pre-tube the product or ravel on by hand.
• Tubed product provides longer strand hog casing that are easier to manage in the factory helping our customers avoid tangling while soaking or stuffing.
• This process is used by the majority of medium to large end users to create more speed and efficiency on the stuffing line.

• Each hank of casings has a brine solution run through it.
• Casings are placed in sealed plastic bags floating in brine solution.
• Customer can stuff product with little soaking time avoiding additional pre-preparation procedures.

Net Packed:
• Casings are stripped out, salted, and placed three hanks in each net.
• Nets are the most efficient and cost effective way to prepare the product for stuffing for customers that prefer to do their own soft tubing inside of their facility.


Selection: Sizing and Lengths
DCW processes and ships its merchandise through state of the art BRC facilities. Our quality and cleanliness is driven by our desire to be an industry leader and is not limited by government regulation. Clean and organized facilities allow us to focus on the quality of our finished goods.

Long strands: Excellent raw material and advanced selection processes result in large quantities of long strand produce. This merchandise is ideal for producers with high output demand portion control stuffing equipment.

Accurate sizing: Many of our specifications focus on accurate grading for a more uniform packaging look and weight control without portion control equipment. Through strict selection standards and consistent raw material, DCW can offer specifications that are the tightest in the industry.

Whisker-free material: For fresh sausage casings we utilize proprietary equipment to remove all whiskers without weakening or damaging the outer membrane of the casing. Completely whisker-free casings are ideal for fresh sausage customers looking to enhance the retail appearance of the packaged product.

Short whiskered material: Customers making smoked or cooked sausage also appreciate a shorter whisker. Though whiskers generally fall off or disintegrate during cooking, a shorter whisker can help during processing. A short whisker can help avoid tangling or breakage during stuffing. With our proprietary cleaning equipment at our slaughter plants, DCW has the shortest North American whisker in the industry.


Home Packs and Customer Branded Product:
Many of our customers who have a retail presence resell our natural casings on the local and national market. For these customers we offer a standard home pack as well as custom logo printed bags to satisfy the retail end user. DCW has the ability to take your logo and/or artwork and create a custom print pre-flushed bag to provide a more attractive retail package. Please note that minimum orders are required on a custom printed bag.


Dyed Natural Casings:
Dyed casings help our end users enhance the desired retail sausage appearance. Our most popular dyed casings are Mahogany colored natural hog casing that emphasize the smoked appearance of the sausage. Many of our customers also use a red tone casing to signify a spicy or hot product. This unique appearance allows our producers to achieve a color tone that is immediately recognizable.