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As the world’s supply of natural casings can’t satisfy the global appetite for delicious sausages, industrious sausage makers know how to operate with high-quality artificial casings.


Artificial casings
Cellulose casings
Cellulose casings combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent calibre. They are permeable to flavours and colours as intended during the smoking process, but are imperme able to other unwanted aromas. With their excellent peelability, industrial meat processing is made easier. They are ready to stuff and ensure a faster and cleaner production processes. These casings are specially suitable for smoked and unsmoked processed sausages and also for dry-cured sausages and for use on high-speed peelers.
Artificial casings
Collagen casings
Collagen casings have enjoyed great worldwide popularity for decades. Whether for, fresh or cooked sausages or dry cured snacks, every edible collagen casing is a classic. A variety of tailor-made products ensure the best stuffing process on all machines. Edible collagen casings are ready to stuff and ensure a cleaner and faster production processes and excellent organoleptic properties.
Artificial casings
Fibrous casings
Fibrous casings are tailored casings made of fibre-reinforced paper and cellulose which gives your finished product a natural look. Their uniform calibre and excellent peelability are superior, and they’re available in the best converting format to suit your process. From cut pieces to shirred and ready-to-use materials, we can help you to make the most out of your cured meat product or dried sausage production.
Artificial casings
Plastic casings
Plastic casings are designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the meat processing industry, and a never-ending range of applications are available. They bring various shapes and durability to the final meat product, and the different barrier versions and mechanical properties can increase product yields during the meat processing.

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