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For more than a century, we’ve been processing natural casings. Quality is at the core or our
craftsmanship – and the source of our passion for perfection.
From our natural and artificial casings, to our innovative ingredient blends, our borderless logistics and our nose-to-tail approach to sustainability, everything we do is driven by passion, purpose and pride. And the results show on your bottom line.

Our multi-cultural origin story
It all started in 1893 when Schaub & Co, a casing company from Hamburg, established a small subsidiary in Esbjerg, Denmark. In 1907, Schaub & Co established a department in Copenhagen. After years of strong collaboration with the local Danish casing colleagues in the cooperative DAT, the companies joined forces and transformed into a cooperative in 1921 and both Danish cooperative slaughterhouses and private slaughterhouses became owners. By 1934, Schaub & Co was one of the leading companies in the Copenhagen’s meatpacking district. By 1972, a merger was completed and the company became known as DAT-Schaub.

Over the last century, expansion continued. We’ve achieved remarkable global growth and remain a world leader in the sourcing, processing, warehousing, sales and distribution of a wide variety of products to the food industry. Today, our name is on billions of meters of casings per year.